About Me

About Me


I grew up in a home where my Father taught photography in the Air Force. When he left the Air Force he then did work for Kavalier Films for films such as Kruger Miljoene and Hoor my Lied, the National Film Buro and freelanced for various newspapers. He shot film back in those days, so I still remember the darkroom and the smell of chemicals. Quite different to Lightroom that I use for postprocessing. but incidentally the principles of light and composition remains the same.

So one would have thought that I would have been a chip of the old block and that my passion would have started around the same time.

It was only in 2010 that I bought my first “serious” DSLR camera, a Nikon D90 en-route to Rome and was devastated when all of my camera equipment was stolen some 18 months later.

On encouragement of my wife, Rencia, I slowly invested and built up the tools of my trade.

I’m often being asked what I prefer shooting, and I can honestly say that photography is my passion. My life experience and being a grandfather of 2 all informs my photography and makes me more creative in any genre whether it is wedding, event-, nature-, city & landscapes-, street-, commercial or portraiture photography.

I love the emotions, the romance and all the sentiments that go along with wedding photography. Interestingly I also use this approach in all of the other genres I capture. I often get asked: “Are you a wedding photographer? I can see it in your approach and detail you capture.”

In all of this I (the photographer) am only a witness…..

My style of shooting is unobtrusive and relaxed. My aim is to capture the celebration of the love the couple have for one another as honestly and as authentically as possible.

I want to create images which will make you feel something.

When I’m not shooting/sharing wedding days with incredible clients – you will find me with my family, in the kitchen (just love sharing every culinary experience with my wife) or speciality coffee bars. You may say that I’m a bit of a coffee snob……

What clients has said of me: super professional, work ethic second to none, non-intrusive, discreet, images and album delivered in records time and deliver above expectations.

In closing – yet another quote, and this time from Karl Lagerfeld: “What I like about a photograph is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”

I’m working on my quote. So watch this space……. ????